Shridhar Ravikumar

I am currently working as a Software Development Engineer at Amazon, London, within the Amazon Video team. My work spans applications of Machine Learning, Big Data and Web technologies to analyze data within Amazon with the goal of obtaining business insights and improving customer experience.

I recently finished my PhD in Computer Vision at the University of Bath, UK. I am interested in the applications of machine learning and applied mathematics to real world applications. My PhD was focussed on dense and sparse performance driven facial motion capture and body motion capture. I also have experience with Photogrammetry, Structure from Motion, Object recognition, Multi-view and photometric stereo methods.

I was previously a software engineer (4 years) at the University of Southern California’s research institute, the Institute for Creative technologies where I worked with Virtual Humans Technology. This encompassed very wide areas of research including Graphics, Vision, Natural Language, Animation, Speech recognition and synthesis.

I like to work in intellectually stimulating environments and be a part of cutting edge technology and research. I am particularly interested in working on challenging software engineering problems especially in the context of Machine Learning and Applied Mathematics.