Work Experience


At Amazon, I have been working in the Amazon Video team where I have had the opportunity to work in a role that lets me apply my Software Engineering knowledge combined with my knowledge of Machine Learning and Big Data technologies, primarily to design and run experiments that allow us to harness the massive swaths of data that is generated by the millions of requests. We analyze this information at scale and use it to improve customer experience and simultaneously find bottlenecks and expedite support and development activities within the team. We recently released a Beta version of our recommendation engine for Video content based on customer preferences, which was made possible using our big-data pipeline to instantly access and query massive amounts of data.

Institute for Creative Technologies (ICT)

I worked as a Software Developer at the University of Southern California’s research institute, The Institute for Creative Technologies (ICT), where I had the opportunity to work on projects that spanned multiple areas of research, including Computer Vision, Computer Graphics and Natural Language Processing. My contribution as a software developer was to integrate the different research technologies at the institute into one easy to use platform which allowed researchers from different fields to be able to use this platform as the research test bed for their specific work.

The core underlying technology being developed at ICT was ‘Virtual Humans’, a technology that allows us to digitally embody a human with capabilities for speech, vision, rendering, animation, natural language understanding. This technology was exemplified in the Virtual Human Toolkit project.

One of the more interesting projects at ICT was the ‘Gunslinger’ immersive mixed reality experience.



Some of my projects during my masters included developing video games for the PC as well as the iPhone.